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August 29, 2006


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WOW- is that a tool set or what?! You are set for life! Which knife do you use most often or like using most often?

The only knives I own so far are two chef's knives, a paring knife, a bread knife and a cake knife. (And of course a shetstone.) I'm saving up for a carving knife and fork... and later, a boning (fish) knife.

Do you know if we sharpen our knives at different angles depending on usage?


how much are these?

Chez Christine

LPC: I have no idea, but maybe a professional can answer that question. My inclination is to say yes.

jeremy: The cost of the knife kit was included in my tuition, I'm not sure if you can buy the kit on its own. Try asking one of the schools if you're interested.

Daniel Aleman

Yes, one can buy LCB-Wustof knive sets online, example: The LCB Boutique (on the official website) has a set for sale as well.

Knife shapening should be done by professionals, they have the appropriate sharpening tools.

Dan Aleman
Austin, Texas
LCB-Paris 1979 (Cuisine)

John Nguyen

cooooool Knife set! Im starting LCB in Dallas this July, and i just started working at the Westin City Center Hotel for the 650 North Restaurant. I was asked to bring a chef's knife, and i dont have a knife kit yet. so im guessing in just going to walk in through the front with a knife in my hand.... wish me luck!


I'm a bartender,and was wanting to see if you had anything cocktail/cocktail technique related?


I'll spend all the time that i'am not cuting something ill spend shapenning my vegetable knife! its really take out some estres, i know and chef that he dose that always and you got too see him in action with that knife! i've gain some fear to that knife! you can put it un a sheet of paper and that knife cuts it right away!


When did they come out with these knife kits? I go to LCB and we received the Messermeister knife kits.

Chez Christine

I'm not exactly sure. Someone entering Paris LCB about a year or two before I did had the kits you had, then they switched over...

David Marrero

I noticed you eluded to using other knife sets than the LCB brand. What other sets would you recommend/ better than the LCB brand? Is the LCB brand optimal on its own?

There are so many brands out there that and I don't necessarily trust too many reviews out there.

I'm looking at starting at LCB aswell and am incredibly interested on what actually constitutes a great knife set for the course and beyond.

Sect 7


Sorry that IS NOT the set for life! But it is a solid start. There are better knives out there, even the chef instructors there will say so. They will also say, however, that a culinary student can and will make use of better knives than you have at home. When even as a student you will spen 20-30 hours a week using them, they need to be made of decent steel to retain their edge.

And speaking of knife edges, YES they may certainly be sharpened to a different bevel! In fact, the typical 20-30 degree andgle creates an edge that is 40-60 degrees (you have the other side as well.) That is fairly blunt. I wouldnt take it below 15 myself, but that also depends on the knife. Also be aware that you can double bevel the knife, say 15 degrees but then the tip can be made to something similar to 30 degrees JUST at the tip. This will help the tip maintain itself a bit more.

How sharp it stays is related to it "rockwell scale" hardness. knives are typically frim mid 50's to low 60's. The higher the rockwell the harder the steel, the longer it stays sharp, BUT the more easily the steel damages as well.


Im starting LCB(Pasadena) on Monday!!! I'm so excited to go and get my knife set on Friday!!

Marc Chase

I wonder if they're still the same? I start in Los Angeles in two weeks

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