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January 02, 2006


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I used to go to Spain every chance I got for the pleasure of eating and drinking at such low prices. If you can make it to Madrid and Basque country, I highly recommend it! Glad you're getting some much needed vacation.


Christine I'm so impressed! All of your dishes look straight out of Saveur or Gourmet magazines. Hope you'll have a dinner party when you return to the States!
Your food loving friend,

Chez Christine

MrLittlePants: I went to Madrid, Cordoba, and Seville about 2 years ago and love it. Will be going back to the Barcelona area in April, but probably further north in the Costa Brava region.

Katie: Thanks! We will definitely do a dinner party. Thanks for the encouragement.


Your picture of the chipirones (fried baby squid) is making me hungry. I wish I could find a place that serves it in NYC.


Hello Christine,

I´m glad you enjoyed Taller de Tapas so much, it´s very nice to read a positive apreciation of our culinary efforts on the web. I love your web page and shall keep up to date on your recipes. Let me know if you come back to Barcelona.

Chez Christine

Gerald: nothing beats going right to the source :) let me know if you find something comparable in NYC

KP: Keep up the good work, excited to hear about any new endeavours!

catalunya spain

La boqueria market is one of my favourite places to visit in Barcelona, the place is just amazing! Nice post.

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